Evil Wears A Green Dress: A Mrs Claus Story

Hello and thank you for purchasing your copy of "Evil Wears a Green Dress: A Mrs Claus Story." Your ten bucks goes towards paying our artists what they deserve and supports more works like this fresh take on Santa Claus. (If you really like us and want to see and hear more exclusive content this year, including an early release of the next Mrs. Claus adventure, please consider an annual subscription of a mere 25 simoleons.)

From our amazingly talented playwright, Greg Klein:

"For those waiting to sit around the fire and listen to all three episodes of "Evil Wears a Green Dress: A Mrs. Claus Story," NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Seriously, I can't say enough good things about our cast and sound work (latter courtesy of Troy Grooms with Full Health Audio). This came together better than I could have imagined when we drunkenly birthed this idea of Mrs. Claus being a galactic crime fighter almost two years ago."


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