Episode Three: Krampustime Is Here!

Mrs. Claus has reunited with three of her elves - Donner, Vixen, and Rudolph - and are on their way to Rendezvous Noel to meet with Lyric and Kuma. Krampus, meanwhile, still has Santa captive, giving the two a chance to catch up before the bomb his men set in the greenhouse detonates, blowing up Mrs. Claus, Lyric, and Kuma.
As the last episode concluded, the explosion that rocked the North Pole did indeed blow the greenhouse (and Lyric's begonias) to smithereens, but unbeknownst to Krampus, Mrs. Claus had already escaped the blast radius.
Will Krampus take the news of Mrs. Claus being alive well? Who betrayed Santa and everyone at the North Pole? And is 'nefarity' really not a word? Find out...right now!
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